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When I Heard Nothing

Sometimes I can almost hear

what I heard

when I heard



When the call of the owl

and the whisper of bat

owned the night

Before whistles of trains

or engines of planes

pierced the darkness of silence


There’s a stillness I hold

by the dark of the moon

in the quiet of always

that goes beyond seeing

revealing forever

eternal and infinite


Knowing of deepness

whatever one calls it

Nirvana or Heaven or Now


It’s the candle at nightfall

that flickers a warmth

or the pinprick of starlight

that tells of a life

on a planet so far, far away

we can only imagine

~ if we dare to at all ~

what we know is…



It’s the evening descending

that opens the door to

the memories of times

held so close to my heart

Was it eons or hours?  

that have passed since I knew

that the Universe spinning

in chaos and black

is forever and always


A circle returning

to hear what I heard

when I heard




Epilogue. One late afternoon, not long before dusk, we went out to our Circle to inhale the goodness of air with gratitude for the gift of breath. It was almost silent. Quiet and still, the first lines of this poem floated through my thoughts. I could almost remember a time before Time, when the loveliest silence was the music of my soul. One day I may tell the story of this Circle that holds so many mysteries.


Until then, may you hear beyond the noise to the peace of your own soul, your own real.

Original photo by Daniel Mahr Mack. 


TO CONNNECT. I would love to hear from you and learn how this piece (or any of my other writings here) resonate with you and your journey to finding your own deepest self, your own Real. While these writings are about my path, my hope is that they shine light for yours. You can email me directly at or you can also simply subscribe via the home page of this website. May peace and happiness be yours, always.


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