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X Marks the Spot

Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona.

A sacred place where the energy vortex is reported to be especially powerful.

“Is this it? Is this the vortex?” a breathless young woman asked wide-eyed as she huffed up the trail to a low vista. We must have seemed like knowing hikers; she was not the first to ask us where the vortex was. Our guide, Chris, who is indeed very experienced, chuckled softly as he solemnly replied, “Oh yes. You are right here on it.” She turned to her partner and said with excitement, “We’re here! It’s right here!”

There is evidence of some kind of power all over these rocks, it’s true. Trees of the same species are twisted in some places and arrow-straight in others. Vistas bring gasps of awe while the canyon-bottom cool of the creek offers nature’s baptism. Ancient peoples came here on sacred pilgrimage and left their stories in carved petroglyphs and painted pictoglyphs. It is no accident that we are drawn to this place where Earth is held by time, not man.

We come here seeking. At least it seems that most of us are seeking something. Security. Enlightenment. Control. Beauty. Love. And it seems that we all think that when we get to X – that magic spot X – it will all fall in line. When we get that job. When we find that love. When we own a home or have a child. When our loved one is healed. When we gain a certain amount of wisdom or respect. When we become “spiritual.” We are captured by desires that we believe will provide the answers to life.

But life has its own way, unfolding or unraveling as it will.

It’s not A Spot, not a Journey to A Place ~ but the Journey of Place. “Learn to wish that things may happen as they do” is truth from the ancient Greek philosopher Epictitus who understood.

Control isn’t in my hands, though control is one of my most profound idols. Allowing and accepting everything as it happens is a deeper wisdom, giving me opportunities for understanding and gladness in each moment. Hard life events bring compelling perspectives I could not have without them. Yin. Yang. Balance. Insight. Spirit’s presence in each individual, in each animal, in each flower and leaf, or each rock.

And X Marks the Spot ~ wherever I am.

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