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What My Heart Heard

Creek Wisdom

On the green bank of Oak Creek

I find myself in waters of pure



These are the original water-notes

of soul song.

Archetypes of life's flow. Cascading

just as it has done from earliest time

in a rush of tumbling splashes.

Happily, insistently,

bubbling soft murmurs as it pours

over hidden rocks

in tiny eddies of clear


Creek Bed Laughter

These are water-words,

chanted by Mother Earth in ancient streams of Time.

The Time of no-time

where my heart hears melodies that sing

of Elder Waters.

Old. So very old.

Old beyond the depths of earth.

Elemental music that vibrates Mother’s Love. A cradle song

with creek-water words.

A simple rhythmic refrain

where wonder joins a primeval song-story

remembering ~ always remembering ~

my spirit's birth.

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