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Unfolding Love

As the days of this past year unfolded I have wanted to offer words that would inspire comfort and shelter peace. But recently as I attempt to write, my thoughts appear like the mists on a gray winter day and whisk away into oblivion with a chill wind. This is no mere writer’s block. I simply see too many words ~ everywhere. On social media. In the news. International spiritual leaders of all faiths have been sharing their wisdom in podcasts, blogs, new books. Yet daily, the human residents of our beautiful world seemed to spin into deeper despair, escalating anger and angst, and frustration of volcanic proportions. We know, most of us, what we should do to care for others and then we do or say something so contrary. Or…at least I know I do.

Silent in my own spiritual dual, I meditated one recent morning, wondering about my own state of being and considering where this blog will go. I am bereft of words.

A message pricked my darkness:

Where words end, let love begin.

May it be so.

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