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Then Comes Winter - A Solstice Celebration

For years, fall – with browning leaves, colding temperatures, and shortening days – has been difficult for me. Even the glorious drama of tree color didn’t completely stop the melancholy. Maybe the heaviness came from inside me. Or maybe the sadness originated with pressures of external expectations. A death one gray November simply added to the gloom.

But a spontaneous comment from a friend helped me face the darkening days with new hope. Her response to something I said about the Autumnal Equinox was all about thankfulness. Fall reminds her of all she had to be thankful for. “I’m a huge fan of gratitude,” she wrote.

A Huge Fan of Gratitude! As I allowed this mantra of joy to wash over me, I began a ritual to seep the peace of gratitude into my soul.

Each evening as dusk begins to fall, I light a candle on my sunroom table in quickening shadows, the tiny flame nuzzling the darkness. A simple ceremony of thankfulness. The mesmerizing force in the flicker of its warmth tells a story...the story of the power of fire...

the power of a distant star...the power of one Life of Light.

And so within the rush of days ~ winter arrives for each of us. It took me years to realize why winter seemed to me so much happier than autumn: The Winter Solstice shifts everything! From this day forth each day brings a bit more sun, a bit more brightness.

Ah…Light. Energy of life. Spiritual metaphor, and, I believe, so much more. It is surely no accident that light radiates through every major religion as representation of God, Spirit, Creator, Source.

Let there be light!

Let there be Winter! Bring it on!

Light a candle...

...and wait with me in the radiance of hope as Earth begins her winter march to spring.

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