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There are times that are so sacred only the awe of absolute Beingness matters. Too deep for tears, too still for laughter. Times when there are simply not words. No words can bring comfort or solace to grief or fear. No words can express sheer uttermost joy. These, life's most intense moments must be experienced. Lived. As I have walked those paths I have found the only way through in my soul is with the integrity of honest grief, honest joy. Honest despair. Honest awe. Honest dismay. Honest happiness. In the silence of Spirit Presence.

In these days when we are still distancing ourselves and words seem less meaningful ~ if meaningful at all ~ I turn to the astonishing lovely quiet of nature. These are a few of my favorite Wow! moments, captured in photographs on my wondering wanderings. From woods and gardens to oceans and high vistas, I am continually astounded. It’s a way of seeing the ordinary ~ the everyday ~ that frames my world in wonder and gladdens my soul.

Hurricanes devastate, earthquakes demolish, war obliterates, and a tiny virus invades in a way we 21st Century inhabitants complacently thought could not, would not, happen again. Anger and hate and fear seem to win. It will take the courage of love to ensure that they do not.

My attempt in my corner of this world is to rebalance with as much good as I can. My invitation to you ...join me... with prayers for grace and vibrations of kindness as a gentle soul to soften the edges of hardness that threaten our world. Humanity's existence depends on us all.

Swan ~ Jones Mill Pond ~ Colonial Parkway

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Sep 18, 2020

Thank you Dorothy... Beauty in words and pictures.💕


David Sims
Sep 18, 2020

Thank you, Dorothy -- The pictures are all beautiful, but the blue heron and the blue heron's footprints are simply delightful.

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