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Updated: Nov 6, 2023

for Wesley, who requested a poem; for Clyde Ray, whose presence is never far;

and for my Sarah Swann sisters, who are among my best friends ever

A time and place

that has no when, no where

Not really

Only reflected insights

deep beyond the limits of awareness


Born before we can remember

Separate paths

converged for a moment

on the same journey of Spirit

Celebrations of this time ~ or is it that time?

With mountain backgrounds

and a lingering echo…

“Get fired up!”

And reverberating music,

always music,

to sing with, to dance to,

in plain sight of forbidding Baptists

Hoagies and ice cream and Bell’s sausage biscuits

that make me hunger for tastes of the past,

where conversations were of futures

yet to be

Futures ~ always yet to be

Like the tomorrows of Now that

continue our paths on separate roads

of shared heart

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