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Night Prayers

Just before sleep

I slip out into the night sky

To offer a silent chant ~

My gratitude for the day just done

And I turn

To the East

Where tomorrow’s sun will rise

fiery and alive

to animate my next wonders

To the South

Where the breeze has a sudden warmth,

that wraps me in cashmere hope

for spring to come

To the West

Where the sun was last seen

Night shadows remember my day

and now promise rest and dreams

To the North

Where coolness frees my Soul

with Wisdom

from the Source of All that Is

And I hush

To hear a rustle of leaves

whispering a Mother’s Love lullaby

Living is enough

Original photo by Dorothy Barkley Bryson. "Impressionist Night" iPhone8. July 14, 2022

TO CONNNECT. I would love to hear from you and learn how this piece (or any of my other writings here) resonate with you and your journey to finding your own deepest self, your own Real. While these writings are about my path, my hope is that they shine light for yours. You can email me directly at or you can also simply subscribe via the home page of this website. May peace and happiness be yours, always.

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