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Moonlight Lullaby

Midnight Aura

I sing a lullaby in moonlight

Melody to sighing trees

And starlit sky

Darkness that doesn’t haunt

Wind that cools

No clouds now

But deer crunch fall’s old leaves gently as they follow forest trails worn visible by

instincts older than time

And the phantom of the owl I do not see, but whose presence I know,

perceived by her silent glide

That old tree is creaking

It’s going to fall some day soon

Her sister-trees whisper in mirrored echoes

“It’s okay. Fall to Earth Mother. We are here

to catch you.”

There is clarity in the shadows of a full moon night

Even as reality hides ~

as Reality and Truth so often do

There are no colors exactly

But not black and white either

Rather, moonlight hints of colors I know so well by day

The sky almost blue, the grass almost green

Memory tricks my eyes to see color illusions

I am sleepless, awake as the midnight moon called

Feeling Earth Mother spin towards morning

As I sit, safe on my porch

Part of me is ready to curl up again in the warmth of my bed nest

But that star in the Northeast winks at me just at the tree top

So I linger still

Called by breezes to

Sing this night

I know all the places the moon can hide

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