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Lazy Ol' Moon

The moon is up now. She waited hours and hours to appear. Lazy ol’ thing! So dusk gathered without her. And as dark fell, a million-million stars burst into the blackness. Dark and darker. Did the moon delay her entrance to allow the stars' opening act to be a complete reign of wonder? Stars ~ glittering in the long drink of black sky with the Milky Way's gleam alongside.

The Milky Way! Its shimmering swath finger-paints a path to worlds beyond my own. Then as Moon began to appear on the far horizon, the stars melted away, their tiny sparks blurring into vastness unimaginable as they bow to her nearer glory.

The silence of darkness ~ now lit by moonbeams on water.


This Lunar New Year begins the cycle again with the January New Moon, and I ponder the night sky as I have since I was a girl. The National Park that bordered my house ensured a blackness that allowed moon and stars clear reign. Mama especially loved the night sky and taught me names -- the Pleiades, Draco, Castor & Pollux in Gemini, Leo, Orion. These are suns she said, some more grand than our own! Light that began eons ago, streaming to us in its own time at a speed so fast it is defined by itself…the speed of light! Light from suns that no longer exist, only their glow remaining to tell of their once-upon-a-time life. This boggled my mind as a child.

Yet, so too it is with my life. I am human for just a time – short or long – but with vibrations that I hope will resound in rays of remembered kindnesses and love even after I am gone from this body. We are told that energy - and light is pure energy is it not? - cannot be made or destroyed, it goes on forever. I believe this is also the way with the spirit in each of us. That spirit, the Divine in me, has always been and lives forever even as I, myself, am forgotten.

This is no longer a sadness to me, to be forgotten. The importance of life is in the generosity, in the joy, in the respect, in the love I’ve shared. Those gifts live on because I have lived.

And this glorious moon that gleams silver…how can it be that it is only a reflection?

One of my first words, my parents told me, was “moony.” I would stand, wide awake (when they wanted me to sleep) calling to the moon as it shimmered over my bed. Listening to its silken answer. Night was as wonderful to me as day; why would I want to close my eyes to this beauty? And the quiet. Ah, the luxury of stillness that night affords. Darkness and shadows hold fascination for me, not fear. Perhaps this was an early understanding…a knowing…that light and dark are manifestations of the same thing. Each dependent on the other to give us balance. Yin and Yang. Somehow, I knew this even though I had not yet read the ancient Chinese philosophy of complementary dualism.

There is wisdom in the night that only the shadows of darkness reveal. Life is like that. The most important lessons are often the hardest to learn. These are the ones offered in the darkest times when only moon’s reflected light and pinpricks of ancient suns illuminate shadows to give us the profound teachings of Life.

Light reflected by moon. Created with stars.

Kindled in me by the Spirit of God ~ in the silence of darkness.

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Carol Reiser Nelson
Carol Reiser Nelson
Jan 25, 2020

Loved this! I too, have always been captivated by the moon and stars. I slept on the upper bunk and we had one very small window that looked out over the York River and the Yorktown Bridge. The moon and stars were also my backdrop.


Daniel Mack
Jan 24, 2020


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