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Fall Walk in New Jersey

Even my slow and gentle footfall, muffled by mosses, frightens the creatures near the dirt trail. Four leggèd ones and wingèd ones scamper as I get close. They can't know I would never harm them. So, Rabbit runs to thicket safety. Flicker flies to tree-cover home.

Fall ~ the fading season. Translucent greens are making plans for fall’s transforming cadence. Easy shades of red-gold-brown crisp in the chilly morning. Berries entice. The path beckons. Enchanted light leads me deeper, deeper to the edges of wetland. Soft. Soft. Drawing me to memories of cycles long past.

I've been here before. Oh, not this exact place perhaps, but here, in this conjunction of living. We've all of us been here before. We’ll be here again.

And again.

And always.

As the world changes before my sometimes weary eyes, Autumn touches my soul with old colors and remembered whispers of eternity’s rhythm.


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