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Fall's Nature Trail

A happy family skips ahead of me on the path

Grandmother, parents, children - together

sharing the last warmth of this October afternoon

I slow, allowing them private joy

While Goldenrod on either side of the trail tickles my neck

and whispers

sneezes to my nose

Two deer flee in a thundering gallop, startled by the crunch

of my unintended step on acorn

A young Hawk cries among the trees – or is it a Blue Jay learning to imitate?

A Hawk, I think. Jays usually have companions echoing raucous encouragement

The cries I heard were plaintive,


Tall grasses wave as I pass, wildish,

Untamed blades of bronze and purple and green topped with a fuzz of soft seedheads

Dry meadow yields

to cool damp forest where low ferns and falling leaves layer the earth

An Ancient Tree calls in pain

A limb - larger than many surrounding trees - has broken from its massive trunk in the recent storms

I have no medicine for its wounds, I only have silent appreciation for its life

Sumac glows in its own red fire, lit by the sun’s Autumn slant

I wonder at the singularity of each season’s light

Fall looks so different from Spring ~ yet it’s the same sun-fire that flames

So, too, my season changes

Time tilts

Truths emerge

And my Soul’s angle shifts

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