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Breathing Room

There are no unimportant people, no small roles. Not ever. And especially not now. This world’s problems seem so overwhelming as they are projected into our lives around the clock by media of all kinds. I feel quite small in the face of all of this pain. My assignment, however, is to do is whatever is in front of me. Kindness and peace begin with me. Today. In each encounter, I challenge myself to remember - the person I see next has been waiting just for me to bless their world (and they to bless mine). It may be someone I have not met before and will never see again who needs a kind smile. Or it may be the social media friends who have just spilled wrath all over their post and who need love rather than return anger. Or it could be a dear friend just calling for a good chat.

So breathe deeply and slowly. Take the time to enjoy each breath you are given. Breathe with Earth’s heart rhythm, for it is also yours and mine.

We are One together and in that I find courage. I believe our Creator has placed enough of us here and now to give Light. And enough is abundance.

I breathe in Life and Mystery.

I breathe out Power and Energy.

In ~ Life. Out ~ Power.

In ~ Mystery. Out ~ Energy.

In this quiet practice my soul finds breathing room,

finds the Divine in me and of me,

finds Spirit to illuminate every action

with whispered graces.

In my soul’s hidden depth there is a place beyond being, where the breath of Oneness

is so sure, so certain, so Real that even belief isn’t necessary.

The place of Knowing where Truth shimmers.

The cocoon place where molten thread becomes a drape for Time.

My breath is One with Earth, for without Earth I could not breathe.

Her breath is my breath.

I breathe Her essence with everyone and everything.

I breathe with the baby inhaling Life’s first surprises.

I breathe with the dying exhaling into Death’s long shadow.

I breathe with all who despise war.

I breathe with all who desire Peace.

Our breaths… a united mist of prayer that hovers

with the audacity of courage, the boldness of honor.

We breathe in Life. We breathe out Power.

In…Mystery. Out…Energy

We - together - animating Hope for our World with the grace of Divine Breath.

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