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Always and Again

When the Goddess breathed Life

it was warm and sweet

An exhale of love

A whisper of joy

A murmur of pleasure

I Am, She sighed

I Am, I smiled

And so ~ the living began

Complete in itself

yet waiting to complete itself

A plan with no plan except Be-ing

The merest etch of a plan

to be brushed with color

day by day

As morning on morning

echoes yesteryears’ days

and returns in cycles of days and years and lifetimes

What lies beyond is always and again within

I find myself now on the shimmering path

that beckons across rose gold sea

Horizon ever farther

Sun that scatters Life in fiery breath

An invitation

to an end of ocean that






And so ~ I follow the summons

to Life

in never ending circles

of forever

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