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Alive in the Goneness

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

To rustle with leaves

Emerge with flower

Run with waves

Immerse in ripples of mountain streams

To sip breezes – and whiskey

To hear silence

Taste light

Live metaphor

Feel being

To take this aliveness and let it

love in the goneness

Because goneness is illusion

Because love is never fading

Shadows, seasons shift patterns

moving joy

Goneness is my word - original I think - to describe that utter desolation of grief when someone dear to us journeys from this life to the next. The sorrow is palpable. The pain is physical. For me, it took a long time, years in fact, to frame my world in a gentler peace after my beloved one's death. And yet...I slowly did emerge again. Just as Spring returns with fresh greenness. Just as the Moon comes again to her fullness. The goneness is illusion, a mere mist of veiling. I know the spirits are all around us with love that is always present. May it be so for you.

Original photo by Dorothy Barkley Bryson. iPhone5s. 27 February 2016

TO CONNNECT. I would love to hear from you and learn how this piece (or any of my other writings here) resonate with you and your journey to finding your own deepest self, your own Real. While these writings are about my path, my hope is that they shine light for yours. You can email me directly at or you can also simply subscribe via the home page of this website. May peace and happiness be yours, always.

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