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Our paths to finding the real - the genuine, the authentic, the true - are probably not so different, yours and mine. There are days of great beauty and joy where clarity is easily found. But some roads are shadowed and achingly dark. I believe we are never alone. The Spirit of the Mother/Father God lives with and in each of us. Part of finding my deepest, truest self -- my real -- is discernment of my reactions to all of life. So I offer my spiritual meanderings with the hope that the winding, serpentine twists of my journey will bring beauty and joy on your own passage.

I am inspired by the wonders of Spiritual encounters and scientific discovery, by Nature, by Peoples, and by the remarkable diversity in every element of life. My writing is a reflection of what I see and especially the way I see it, and is a celebration of the Oneness echoed throughout all creation. These include traditions and insights that have shaped me and continue to propel me in a continuing evolution of wonder in our extraordinary, ordinary world.

My aim is to discover the deepest part of my soul, the beingness of heart, and in my own finding I wish to encourage you on your path to finding your own peace in the divinity of Now. 

This photo with its inviting gate I named Bienvenue, the French for welcome, for all are welcome here. Indeed, we are all One and invited to live the beauty of this Earth, this life. 

A post on this blog is planned for each New Moon, the time of new beginnings, when both ancient and modern farmers plant select crops for higher yield. The Dark of the Moon, a time of inner work in silence and mystery that with time yields abundance. So, I begin this site on a New Moon as sign  ~ to bring newness of life.

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